Cornhole Rules & Regulations

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There are many different ways to play Cornhole and there are even “Official” rules and regulations. Everything from scoring to distance to the size of the cornhole boards. For most people, these are probably way more detailed than needed so here is a basic summary of cornhole rules and regulations. For a more detailed list of cornhole rules and regulations please visit this page.

General Rules

  • Players stand on opposite sides of the cornhole boards and take turns tossing 8 bags, 4 bags per team.
  • You receive 1 point for a bag on the board and 3 points for a bag in the hole. At the end of each round, you take NET score and total is added to the teams running total score.  Example: Team 1 has two bags on the board and one in the hole. This would give a total of 5. But team 1 bag on the board for a score of 1. For this round Team 1 would be awarded 4 points. (5 – 1 = 4)
  • First team to 21 or over wins.
  • Boards are placed 27 feet apart, from the front of the board.

League and Tournament Rules

  • Leagues can be run different ways and everyone has their preferences.
  • There can be social and competitive divisions for leagues make sure you know what division you are playing in.
  • Handicap may or may not be used.


No matter what you do or where you play have fun!

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